Kenmore Hotel is widely considered to be the oldest hotel in Scotland. The hotel is nestled in the middle of mountainous highland Perthshire set in the quaint, picturesque village of Kenmore. Built as a tavern in 1502, the inn offered both accommodation and refreshments. However, in 1572, Laird Colin Campbell commissioned the structure and created Kenmore Hotel.

Laird Colin Campbell then reportedly granted his wife and servant a lease to the hotel, so that they could run it as an ‘honest’ hotel.

The origins that date back to the 16th Century can still be seen today. The interior of the hotel maintains the history and character. However, it is the distinguished porch that utilised ancient, curved tree trunks for columns that attract attention.

In the 17th Century, Kenmore Hotel added to its history as it was here that Cromwell’s army dined. Cromwell and his arm dined at Kenmore Hotel on the pursuit of Earl of Montrose. The dinner proved a success and an important one too as the army spared Kenmore Hotel from torching it to the ground, as they did with many dwellings in the area.

From then on, the village and the hotel impressed many a famous face. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert spent some of their honeymoon in Kenmore and Kenmore Hotel. Queen Victoria also popularised the area thanks to her extensive and gushing journal notes about the beauty of the land.

Another famous face that visited was the poet Robert ‘Rabbie’ Burns. In fact, in Kenmore Hotel, you can find Poet’s Bar where Robert Burns wrote a poem celebrating the beauty of Kenmore. The poem can still be read today, written in pencil by the man himself, on the chimney breast of the fireplace.

The pretty village on Kenmore has stayed true to its natural beauty and heritage. Kenmore Hotel remains to be one of the largest buildings in the village, which a stunning front entrance that captures the character and history of the building and village.

Kenmore Hotel History

Kenmore Hotel History

Kenmore Hotel History

Kenmore Hotel History

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