The Crannog Centre

Just a short walk away from the Kenmore Hotel is the Scottish Crannog Centre, a must-see attraction that enables visitors to understand what life in Scotland was like thousands of years ago. The popular Scottish Crannog Centre is an exciting and educational activity centre nestled at the edge of Loch Tay.

Set within the beautiful and picturesque Perthshire countryside, the Scottish Crannog Centre takes visitors back in time to over 2,500 years ago to understand what life was like in an incredible, unique construction of an ancient loch dwelling. As you travel back in time to the early Iron Age, you can enjoy the sites of the distinctive roundhouse that has been carefully reconstructed from archaeologist findings.

Owned and operated by the Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology, the well-designed and award-winning centre really does have something for all the family and visitors will definitely walk away with new facts and an understanding about Iron Age life in Scotland.

Hotel Kenmore Crannog Centre

What is a Crannog?

The Crannog itself is an ancient loch-dwelling that has been used for thousands of years in Scotland. Typically made from timber, the dwellings were round and set on stilts that secured in the rock bed of the loch. Reconstructed with meticulous attention to detail, it is a must-see for history lovers.

As well as experiencing a real-life Crannog for yourself, the centre is also home to a museum which celebrates the findings of the Underwater Archaeology team and educates guests on the history of the area. You can also experience first-hand what life was like by taking part in some of the ancient crafts. From wool-spinning, fire-making and stone-drilling, you can find out exactly what Iron Age life was like and what your ancient profession would have been.

Your visit

With a creche for dogs, gift shop and plenty of picnic space, your visit to the Scottish Crannog Centre can be as long or short as you want but visitors will usually spend up to two hours in the centre.

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